Munich Guitar Institute, Munich, Germany
Study of professional guitar playing, 1984 - 85
School of Audio Engineering, Munich, Germany
Professional Audio Engineer, Diploma 1996

as a composer/arranger/orchestrator:

2009 Composition of the soundtrack for the American drama "Truth Never Lies", produced in Los Angeles/California
2008 Main Theme Composition for the american drama "Unexpected"
2007 Main Theme Composition for the canadian documentary "A new world"
1997 to now Compositions for the complete stage show of professional magician Joerg Alexander
2007 Orchestration for professional magician Torsten Pahl
2004 Composition of the soundtrack for the short film "Dreiläufer"/Germany
2000 Composition of the soundtrack for the poems "Mutterland"/Germany
1998 Composition of the soundtrack "The Mirror" for Filmuniversity Ludwigsburg
1996 Composition of the soundtrack "Iran - motobike adventures in Persia"

as a music teacher:

1987 to now Teaching professionally in guitar, composition and music sequencing,
Employments as teacher at music schools in Essingen and Inning for nine years

as a composer:

2006 Study of film scoring program at UCLA/Los Angeles
2005 Private Lessons with Jack Smalley (Charlies Angels, The Gladiator) in L.A.
2001/2002 Composition Lessons with Nik Glowna (german film composer)
and Professor Kay Westermann (Music University Munich)
1999 Participation at "1. International Film Music Seminar" in Gauting/Germany

as a music teacher:

2005 Participation at the course "Teaching guitar in a group"/Music school Inning/Germany
1999 Participation at the international seminar "Playing with music"/Inning/Germany